Consumers might find themselves recycling mobile phones in order to switch to the new entry-level Windows Phone experience, should it become available in the UK.

Nokia has confirmed that it has teamed up with T-Mobile to deliver a brand new platform that it will open up to the 150 million US citizens yet to invest in a smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia 710 device is said to be ideal for this purpose and could be snapped up by those who recycle standard mobiles in order to join the smartphone revolution.

According to the Finnish brand, the model will boast access to the US's largest 4G network and offers a People Hub feature that makes it easy to communicate with friends and family.

The fun does not end there, as a host of other popular apps and tools – such as Netflix, T-Mobile TV and a leading web browser – are all included.

Juniper Research this week predicted that Nokia phones will enjoy a boom in popularity in 2012, largely on the back of the arrival of the Windows 8 operating system.

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