Mobile phone recycling may be becoming more popular, but electrical recycling is not as well known about as it could be, according to one expert.

Caroline Laitner is a senior consultant for Waste Watch, an organisation aimed at changing the way natural resources are used.

She said although facilities are available in many areas to recycle electrical parts, more people could be using them.

Ms Laitner also said that other countries that have had directives related to recycling in place for longer than Britain are likely to be further on than the country in terms of uptake.

"Any country that has had that directive in place longer than we have, it’s understandable that they would be ahead of us," she added.

Her comments follow a recent report from Hitwise that showed an increase in the number of internet searches for the phrases "recycle mobilephones", "mobile recycling" and "phone recycling".

These have nearly trebled in the past year, it said.

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