A writer has suggested people recycle their old mobile phone when they upgrade.

Monica Cafferky said in a Daily Mirror article Britons have lots of old mobile phones that could be recycled rather than left to clutter the home.

She noted going green may earn individuals a “tidy profit” and it will also help to reduce the amount of waste in landfill sites.

To encourage people to take up mobile recycling the government has launched a new initiative called Recycle Now.

Laura Underwood from the establishment explained citizens recycle just 20 per cent of their small electrical items, despite the fact the average person buys three new items and electrical gadgets every year.

Ms Cafferky stated mobile phones, garden power tools, kettles and games consoles can contain an array of useful materials, including gold, copper and iron.

Residents in Knowsley were recently encouraged to recycle their old mobile phones.

The council installed recycling points across Merseyside so members of the public could hand in unwanted electrical items and mobile phones.

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