The state of the weather influences how mobile phone owners spend their call minutes, according to Newcastle University researchers.

Users of smartphones like the Apple iPhone 5 are able to check the weather forecast on applications and it seems that the outside conditions can determine who people choose to talk to on their gadget.

By looking at 1.3 million users, the analysts found that when the weather is extreme – very cold, wet, hot or humid – handset owners are more likely to use their device to call close friends and family rather than those with whom they share ‘weak social ties’.

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly important to people who want to stay in contact with those they know. They can use minutes and SMS messages to talk to many different people easily.

Downloadable social-networking apps like Facebook and Twitter, which are available to consumers using operating systems like Apple iOS and Google Android, also allow people to share messages, pictures and videos with friends, family and colleagues while on the move almost anywhere.

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