People who recycle mobile phones at the current time might wish to ensure their next handset is an Android, if one expert is to be believed.

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, has told Le Web expo in Paris that the platform is the world's best, beating the likes of Apple, Pocket-Lint reported.

He said the operating system is already the greatest on offer in the market, with more features, lower prices and extra vendors compared to its rivals.

"Apple has done an excellent job with iOS in terms of usability – but in 6 months thanks to internet connection sharing you will say the opposite, because apps vendors are driven by volume," Mr Schmidt stated.

The chief went on to praise Facebook, suggesting it is now a useful tool for any business to be linked to.

Earlier this week, the official Google Mobile Blog revealed that Android users have now downloaded a total of ten billion apps from the platform.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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