Brits throw away £238 million of textiles each year, according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

People in the UK throw away almost one million tonnes of recyclable textiles, including clothes and bed linens.

All of these materials are taking up valuable landfill space, when they could be making millions.

There are also opportunities for carpets, mattresses and rags to be recycled, but many Brits are unaware of the schemes and throw these potentially valuable things away.

A massive 370,000 tonnes of carpet is discarded every year. The Carpet Recycling Group says that this 'waste' could be converted into fuel for the cement industry.

Mattresses contain recyclable materials like steel, wood and foam, but only 15 per cent of those thrown away annually in the UK are recovered for recycling, according to the Textile Recycling Association.

WRAP director Marcus Gover said: "It’s clear that the whole area of textiles re-use and recycling offers enormous potential."

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