All Apple iPhones and many other popular handsets contain toxic chemicals, according to tests conducted by the Ecology Center and

The researchers analysed and then ranked 36 mobile phones according to how hazardous the chemicals they contained were.

Only six devices are classed as ‘low concern’, with the Motorola Citrus being determined as least harmful. The iPhone 5 made its way onto this list.

Its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S3, was of medium concern along with gadgets like the BlackBerry Curve 8530 and HTC Evo 4G.

However, the original Apple handset, the iPhone 2G, was given the maximum score of five making it the most toxic mobile phone tested.

This research highlights the importance of recycling mobile phones. When old and unwanted handsets are taken to landfill, hazardous chemicals are able to easily enter soil and damage the environment.

Ensuring the devices are recycled guarantees that these harmful substances are disposed of more responsibly.

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