Contrary to popular belief, it is men who prefer to stay in touch with friends and family by picking up their mobile phone and making a call.

While males are using minute and text allowances to keep up-to-date with loved ones, women would rather send an email or chat on a social network, 72Point reports.

Research conducted by FooTalk also demonstrates that digital communication has helped many Brits get back in touch with old friends living abroad.

Smartphones provide owners with a variety of ways to talk, from the traditional SMS and voice call to the more modern VoIP and Twitter.

Apps available on handsets like the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 through the respective App Store, Google Play and Windows Store are especially useful.

Using an internet connection, gadget lovers can speak with colleagues on Skype, text friends using WhatsApp Messenger or share photos with relatives on Instagram – all for free.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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