Businesses might be wise to recycle mobiles now if they are committed to their environmental impact and green credentials.

Jon Selby, outsource partner manager at Tier1 Asset Management, explained there are plenty of benefits to reusing equipment.

He suggested it is IT solutions that must be disposed of in a green manner, although his words could also apply to smartphones and tablets.

“Every corporate customer we have produces a corporate social responsibility report and one of the big corporate social responsibility key performance indicators is a reduction in waste,” Mr Selby stated.

Recycling mobiles is an effective way of removing them from use while remaining environmentally-friendly. It could also earn businesses some extra cash that can then be put towards investing in superior devices.

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, recently told Le Web expo in Paris that companies should all be interested in using Facebook for commercial purposes, reported Pocket-Lint.

Posted by Claire Marshall

Recycle mobile now

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