Google Wallet innovations will soon benefit users who like to shop using their mobile phone.

Currently, the checkout process on retail websites is fairly lengthy, as customers must fill out multiple information forms.

However, those utilising Google Wallet could soon see the process simplified, as the technology will save details so that they would not have to be typed out each time.

Google Wallet is currently available to those with Android mobile phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The technology giant is reportedly planning to bring the payment service to other mobile phones, such as Apple iPhone handsets running iOS.

Currently, the Wallet saves payment details for debit and credit cards so that customers can make easier payments online and, with the aid of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, in-store.

Also, an anonymous tipster has told Android Police that the company is planning to release a physical card, which would store details of all of the owner’s other plastic. The person can then use the mobile phone app to determine which payment method is utilised.

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