Consumers who have noted the rise of Summly may be at the front of the queue to recycle a mobile and invest in an iPhone in order to download the app.

The BBC has told how the popular tool is the work of 16-year-old south Londoner Nick D'Aloisio, who developed it from his Wimbledon bedroom.

Summly works by simplifying and summarising content displayed on web pages shown via the mobile.

Mr D'Aloisio explained he was revising for a history exam when he discovered the need for easily-readable web pages.

"I thought that what I needed was a way of simplifying and summarising these web searches. Google has Instant Preview but … what I wanted was a content preview," he stated.

The app has now been the subject of investment from Horizon Ventures and has been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Another app to have recently hit the market is the Mobile Banking tool by Halifax, which it said will help consumers with a variety of smartphones.

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