The versatility of the Apple iPhone 3G may mean that it is an ideal replacement for consumers who have traded in their old mobile phone for cash.

Gadget lovers could be on the look out for a new phone after receiving cash for an old handset and the run-up to Christmas could be the ideal time to make a purchase.

Richard Sharp, founder of, said: “People who own old products want to upgrade and people who have never owned a popular gadget are drawn in by exciting advertising.”

He added that people can also be tempted to purchase a product after seeing friends or work colleagues using it and that he anticipates the iPhone to be a big hit this Christmas.

According to Experian Hitwise the Apple iPhone is currently the most searched for product in the UK, being the subject of 1.75 per cent of all product searches and 14.01 per cent of all mobile phone searches during the week ending December 5th.

Turn your old mobile phone into cash

Posted by Ryan White

Written by Mazuma

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