Protecting against damage to expensive smartphones should be the first thought for anyone that has recycled their mobile phone to obtain the device, it has been claimed.

According to head of marketing for online retailer of phones and accessories Mark Riley, buying a screen protector and a car charger is one way to help keep their devices intact.

Mr Riley said it is prudent to have the phone in a case. He also suggested that most people are doing this with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy SII, iPhone 4S and some of the high-end BlackBerry handsets.

"When someone gets a smartphone, for a lot of people the first thing that they then want to do is protect it. A smartphone is around £500 so most people want to protect it," he added.

Public relations and communications manager at Touch International Jamie Sewell recently suggested that the combination of touch, motion and voice technology is likely to lead to touch-less gestures and voice-driven interactivity in smartphones.

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