It is important for people who are recycling their old mobile phone to take steps to protect their identity, the Daily Green has noted.

The eco-friendly website reported that December is a popular month for people to replace their handsets – or receive new a new mobile as a Christmas gift – and recycling old mobiles is a good way to reduce e-waste.

But those who do not delete their personal details from mobile phones and other electronic items, such as computers, before they dispose of them could run the risk of becoming identity fraud victims.

One way to prevent this is to use a free online tool that erases all personal data from a mobile phone, such as the offering from Recellular. It may also be worth investing in some inexpensive wipe software if people are looking to clear personal information from an old computer or laptop, the website added.

CNet editor Brian Cooley noted that other steps people should take before recycling their old handset include backing up all contact lists, transferring their wireless service to a new provider and removing any files or photos they wish to save.

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