There is no doubt about it, more and more smartphone users are in love with the act of ‘the selfie’, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian (who has even managed to create a whole book from her collection of selfies) really establishing it as a modern day trend.

Now, it seems that selfie lovers around the world will soon be able to do so much more with their images than post them straight to their favourite social media site as a new French start up company, Prynt, has a rather exciting idea (although the name of the company might just give it away).

Prynt has created a new smartphone case which actually has a built-in printer, meaning that the user can print their selfies straight from the phone in less than a minute –  seconds to be precise.

For those wondering how this would work, according to reports, the printer would be digitally connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. However, Prynt’s website states that no pairing to WiFi or Bluetooth is actually required.

Although Prynt’s website doesn’t have much information about the new case yet (including when it will be released although it is believed to be early 2015), it does include an image which suggests that the smartphone will simply connect to the case by plugging into it.

Prynt has also stated that it hopes to be able to soon print the images out within 30 seconds with the case being able to hold more pieces of paper to actually be able to print on. Clement Perrot, chief executive officer of Prynt said: "At the moment, only one sheet of paper can fit in the case. However, this will soon be increased to up to 30 pieces".

For those wondering if their smartphone will actually fit the case, it has so far been developed to match four-inch screen smartphones, although Prynt is believed to be planning on making new cases for larger devices in the future, including the new iPhone 6 Plus as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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