Individuals who are thinking of selling a mobile phone in favour of moving to a tablet device have been handed some expert advice from an industry insider.

James Holland, editor of, explained that consumers should place very little emphasis on the price of the handsets they may wish to buy.

He noted that a higher cost is often no indicator of extra quality, suggesting that the success of a tablet is more likely to come down to the “care and consideration” taken by its manufacturer.

It is said that options such as the discontinued HP Touchpad and the Apple iPad are great examples of top-quality hardware and software working well together, regardless of price.

However, Mr Holland offered one not-so-successful case, stating: “At the moment, few Android tablets come close to marrying up the hardware and software experience. They feel clunky and disconnected, not to mention a little on the pricey side.”

ChangeWave Research this week found that Apple products remain popular with consumers, despite the recent resignation of chief executive officer Steve Jobs.

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