Apple is coming under increasing pressure from authorities and consumers alike about the security of its App Store after a spate of people complained after having their accounts hacked.

The firm has previously been criticised over its micromanaging of the App Store, with people concerned its security was too stringent after banning apps that contain sexually suggestive material.

But now consumers are making complaints over the lack of security, which has led to a number of people having their accounts hacked and losing hundred of pounds as a result.

One such person to fall foul of the App Store’s apparent lack of security was Ryan Pierson, a technology writer in Texas, who in just over an hour had managed to rack up $437.71 (£275.77) in iTunes charges for virtual currency on the game iMobsters – one that Pierson had never played, New York Times reports.

Co-founder of security firm iSEC Partners Alex Stamos added: “Apple wants to pretend that everything is magic. They need to admit that their products can be used by bad people to do bad things.”

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