The most popular category for apps is games, with 64 per cent of users downloading such content in the US, a new study reveals.

Of those who have installed applications on their handsets in the past 30 days, almost two-thirds said they had opted for games, followed by individuals choosing those relating to the weather and social networking fans.

People could look for a service to trade in my mobile in order to upgrade to a handset that offers the ability to download and play apps as a result of the organisation finding that maps, navigation and search capabilities are also popular with consumers.

Of those who are willing to pay for content, 93 per cent stated they would shell out for games, 87 per cent for entertainment, 84 per cent for productivity solutions.

Owners of iPhones were found to spend the most time playing games on their mobile devices, engrossed in such content for 14.7 hours per month, compared with 9.3 for those with Android-enabled handsets.

An app that may encourage people to seek cash for phones is a forthcoming official Pokemon games that is rumoured by specialist blog Kotaku Japan to be in development for the iPhone.

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