Selling a mobile phone for money can be one way of securing the required funding to purchase an iPhone.

And once that obstacle has been overcome, consumers may wish to buy Smurfs’ Village – a game that has been announced as the highest grossing title on Apple’s App Store, overtaking Angry Birds.

Asavin Wattanajantra, commenting on the findings for CNET UK, says the fun app that allows users to control the small, blue characters has earned four stars on the manufacturer’s download platform.

“The large majority of comments on the game [are] positive, delighted with the addictive village-building gameplay combined with Smurf cuteness,” he writes.

Mr Wattanajantra goes on to compare the game to the Farmville application, which has become particularly popular with Facebook users in recent times.

Luke Westaway, writing for the same publication, recently named titles such as City Jump and Hungry Shark Free as some of the best games available to users of Android phones.

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