A new recycling plant has been announced that plans to drastically reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites.

The new bio-refinery and sustainable chemical plant is expected to be able to process around 400 tonnes of waste per day into a new diesel which it is claimed could be "the world’s greenest fuel".

As part of a joint effort between Alternative Fuels Corporation (AFC) and Turtle Island Recycling, the site – which is based in Sarnia, Canada – will process materials for use in speciality chemicals.

Michael Hepworth, vice-president of business development for AFC, said although many people were doing their bit for the planet, around, 56 per cent of rubbish still goes to landfill sites.

"Much of this waste contains valuable energy which can be extracted without incineration and with no damage to the environment," he added.

As much of the material processed at the plant is expected to be plastic, it could be that mobile recycling is further buoyed by the bio-refinery.

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