Those who opt to trade in mobile phones and change to another device have a vast array of high-quality handsets to choose from.

Heather McLean, co-founder and editor of Smart Gorillas, said that the struggles of brands such as BlackBerry – which recently reported a decrease in revenue – is down to the significant competition in the market.

She noted that several other manufacturers have released desirable models after finding new and innovative ways to make mobile phones.

Commenting on the superiority of other brands, Ms McLean stated: "The operating systems, user interfaces, functionalities and systems to support those devices, such as app stores, have been way ahead of BlackBerry devices for some time."

Some BlackBerry devices can still be unattractive and "clunky" too, so the company must move faster to remedy this.

One mobile that is sure to be a favourite upon its release is the iPhone 5, which Apple is rumoured to be launching later this year.

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