Mobile phone users have been warned to steer clear of free smartphone apps as some of them are fronts to allow people to spy on text messages and intercept calls.

By accepting some terms and conditions, phone owners are giving developers the right to use personal information. Facebook insists that people using its Android smartphone app agree to give it permission to read their text messages, though admit that they haven’t taken advantage of this.

Director of app company Sun Products Daniel Rosenfield said the revenue firms get from selling their apps doesn’t even come close to the amount they can generate when loading free downloads with ads.

Chris Brauer, of the centre for Creative and Social Technology at Goldsmiths University of London added: “Most adults have smartphones now. They are a source for incredibly rich information about people’s lives. A lot of apps are fronts for various companies who are now capturing this data.”

An increasing number of people with Android phones have been forced to look for free apps recently, as research shows that paid downloads are over twice as expensive as their Apple counterparts.

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