The mobile phone is now one of the items people are least willing to leave the house without, a new survey suggests.

Conducted by Post Office Telecoms, the study found that 87 per cent people in the UK admitted that along with their keys and wallet, the device was something they needed to have with them when going out.

The condition of nomophobia – or fear of having no mobile phone – was highlighted as particularly prevalent in the under-25s, of which 55 per cent said they would be frustrated without access to their handset.

In comparison, 33.5 per cent of over-45s admitted they would feel this way when unable to make a call or text on the go.

Stewart Fox-Mills, head of telecoms at the Post Office, said it was clear that mobile technology was now as “firmly established” an essential as handbags were to women and a back pocket is for men.

“Another major cause of nomophobia can be when you don’t have enough pay-as-you-go credit on your mobile phone.”

One way to generate some cash when discovering an old, lost handset in a drawer or down the back of the sofa would be to recycle it.

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