Commuters up and down the country will soon be able to use their mobile phones to pay for travel as a result of a new initiative.

Orange and transport firm Stagecoach have begun a new trial entitled Quick Tap, which enables passengers to buy their tickets and store them on their devices.

They then wave their handset at a reader, which confirms that the passenger has paid for the particular journey.

Ministers are hoping the technology will be standard within three years and has already started including a requirement for "ITSO-compliance" being added in agreements with train companies.

Payment using mobile phones is something that is on the rise of late and Barclaycard recently introduced its contactless PayTag stickers.

“Smart ticketing makes travelling by public transport easier, quicker and more attractive – that is why we want to get most journeys to be taken using smart ticketing technology by the end of 2014," local transport minister Norman Baker said.

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