A patent, filed in May but only just released, has revealed the uses for Samsung’s proposed ‘wraparound’ display for its new mobile phones.

The phone will boast many uses for the 3-sided screen. Swiping one of the sides, for example, will be how the phone is unlocked.

The display will also show the battery charge meter when the phone is plugged in, with a bar going up one of the sides depending on how much power the device has left.

The sides of the screen will also be where email attachments are found, as well as bookmarks when users are browsing the internet.

Perhaps one of the most innovative features is the ability to use the side of the screen as a ‘visual clipboard’, which can be used to drag content to and store it for later.

The patent gives Samsung customers more information about what the wraparound screen will be for.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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