Apple has acquired a new patent which indicates that future iPhone handsets may incorporate technology similar to Near Field Communication (NFC).

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted the manufacturer exclusive rights to capabilities concerning wireless media transferal.

Having the patent awarded may protect the company from potential future emulations. Apple is already involved in numerous intellectual property battles in courts around the world.

The proposed technology seems to be similar to existing NFC, which is incorporated into handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It allows users to transmit information wirelessly to other devices, or make payments at designated terminals inside retail stores.

Many were surprised at the iPhone 5 launch on September 12th when NFC was not included in the high-end mobile phone.

However, it looks as though future Apple customers will be able to use their device as an e-wallet.

Other patents hint that upcoming iPhone gadgets will have biometric security, which allows owners to unlock their handset using their fingerprint.

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