Apple is being sued by parents in the US who claim that the iPad manufacturer is unfairly profiting from in-app payments in games that are aimed at youngsters.

Many games on the iOS platform are free to download on its mobile phones but offer different add-ons that can cost up £70.

The group of concerned parents said it is too easy for children to run up massive expenditure without the authorisation of bill payers.

However, Apple has called for the case to be dismissed, pointing out that in-app purchasing can now be disabled.

Apple’s purchasing system allows users to enter their credit card details once and then authorise future payments for other applications with just a password.

In a court filing initially made last year, lawyer Garen Meguerian said several apps have been deliberately developed “strategically to induce purchases of game currency”.

Niamh Bolton in the UK told BBC News she felt “physically sick” after learning her ten-year-old daughter had totted up a bill of more than £1,500 while playing Tap Pet Hotel.

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