Safety-conscious mobile users may want to recycle their old mobile so they can use the cash to buy an iPhone.

This is because a new panic alarm app has been created by Legal & General in a bid to keep mobile phone users safe when they are out and about.

Individuals can download the app for free and the alarm – which emits an “ear-shattering” sound – can be activated by shaking the handset or pressing the Panic button on the mobile’s screen.

The app also has the ability to call a nominated SOS number from the devices’ phonebook, which means the person at the other end will be able to contact the emergency services.

Head of consumer proposition at Legal & General Ruth Connor remarked the application is an ideal way for mobile phone users to carry an attack alarm.

Apple’s latest model, the iPhone 4, was launched in June and after just three days 1.7 million handsets had been sold.

Turn your old mobile phone into cash

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