Those recycling mobile phones to pay for a device like the Palm Pre may be interested in a new review.

MobileBurn’s Lauren Haselton recently looked at the manufacturer’s latest model and noted that as a budget alternative to the handset, it is a smartphone which will be attractive to some.

She explained that the Palm Pixi “offers good integration with social networks like Facebook, populates your address book automatically from e-mail accounts and has a [user interface] that’s intuitive and fun to use”.

However, Ms Haselton added in some areas it is noticeable where the manufacturer has had to shave off some of the more showy elements of the Pre in order to make its sibling more affordable.

The processor is one such shortcut highlighted, while the reviewer also drew attention to the fact that the camera on some BlackBerry devices is better.

In the UK, O2 has the exclusive rights to the Palm Pre.

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