Mobile customers looking to reduce the amount of cash they spend on their handset may be wise to trade-in a used phone and sign up to a deal with Orange.

The telecommunications provider has launched an improved range of tariffs for pay-as-you-go users, which could be ideal for those who do not rely heavily on their device.

With all the tariffs having an animal theme, it may be a question of finding the creature that best suits a consumer's demands.

For example, the new Monkey charge is designed for music lovers and rewards those who top-up with as little as £5.

Meanwhile, there is also an updated Camel tariff to take advantage of, with free international call minutes being dished out to those on the scheme adding £10 to their balance.

Other packages worth considering include Racoon and Canary, with the latter aimed at those who love to talk.

Orange's new advertising campaign was recently launched, with Hollywood actor Jack Black at its forefront.

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Posted by Paul Whalley 

Written by Mazuma

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