Businesses that rely on mobile phones as part of their everyday work may wish to take note of advice from Orange on how to get the most from their handsets.

As well as telecommunications, access to the internet and email services could be crucial to many firms, especially those that operate with staff on the move.

In such cases, bosses should ensure their usage is as efficient as possible by personally taking responsibility for it.

The network suggests managers take control of billing by checking they pay only for what they use.

It may also be worth enquiring about discounts when mobile phones or services are purchased in large quantites.

Company executives should also be aware of the benefits of giving staff a little leeway to use devices for their own pleasure, as in the modern world with technology widely available this is to be expected.

Among the latest smartphone releases in which business could show an interest is the Nokia N8, which runs on the state-of-the-art Symbian operating system.

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