Those planning to trade in a mobile phone or two in order to upgrade to a newer handset might be shrewd if they choose a model that supports social network Twitter.

Andrew Girdwood, media innovations director at bigmouthmedia, explained the site is here to stay.

He suggested it will be “hard to shift” Twitter from its position as a leading social network, where users can show off pictures and share their thoughts with contacts.

Commenting on the strong position the portal finds itself in, Mr Girdwood said: “Moving Twitter now is the same challenge that rival search engines have when they are facing Google. People use Google because they’ve always used Google.”

He went on to note that it will be “very hard” for any firm to start up a rival to Twitter and to succeed with it.

However, CNN recently told how UberMedia is planning to do just that and create its own social network that competes with the best in the market.

By Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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