Trading in a mobile phone and upgrading to a device that is capable of hosting online shopping may be a priority for some people.

Stefan Boyle, founder of, has spoken of the significance of the activity in the modern world, noting it has become "massive" in recent times.

He said companies must now surely consider signing up to a mobile commerce platform in order to allow customers to purchase goods via their handset.

"The beauty of mobile is you can offer a one, two, three-step process and then they've bought – once they create an account," explained Mr Boyle.

He added that the technology is becoming so important in retail that he is considering using it for his own business.

Research revealed last month by the Interactive Media in Retail Group showed that the proportion of e-sales made to mobile users rose by 0.4 per cent between the start of 2010 and the second quarter of 2011.

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