OnePlus has announced rough release dates for its new OnePlus One device, which has really managed to get a bit of a buzz going in recent weeks thanks to its very high specifications and the lower price that it will sell for when it goes on general release.

At first, there were fears that the phone would not be available to everyone, with many who had initially been excited about getting their hands on it set to be disappointed.

This came after it announced that the phone would be released only to those who smashed their old phone in order to get themselves an invite to order one of the 100 phones that would be made available.

However, the company took to its blog this week to put to bed fears that these 100 handsets would be the only ones sold, as it confirmed that larger batches of stock would become available later this month and into next month.

It said that it was surprised by the level of demand for its recently announced smartphone, and added that it had “been frantically adjusting [its] production schedule” after “we realized that far more people wanted the One than what we originally anticipated”.

For those who had managed to bag one of the original handset invites, those 100 phones are believed to be available to ship from now, but others will have to wait a little longer – especially if they want to get their hands on the 64GB version, which has been somewhat delayed.

Although it is not thought that it will be hard to get an invite for anyone who wants to buy the phone, this unique method of sales has led to many believing that the device will only ever be available from OnePlus itself.

In terms of stock, a large batch of OnePlus Ones will become available in silk white at the end of May, before sandstone black variants become available from next month. It is thought that by the end of June, the phone should be more common, meaning anyone should be able to get their hands on an invite. 

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