The prospect of selling mobile phones for cash may be one that many older people have not yet considered.

But it is an option that will bring them one step closer to joining a significant group of ageing broadband users, should they reinvest the money in a device that offers internet access.

Edd Dawson, editor of, said there is now a “huge number” of pensioners using some of the web’s favourite tools.

He identified Facebook as one of the older generation’s fastest-growing trends – something that can be enjoyed via a mobile device.

Mr Dawson went on to note another benefit, stating: “As families get more disparate, more and more of the older generation are using the internet to keep in touch with members of their family all over the world.”

Juniper Research recently found that smartphones are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages, noting shipments of the handsets will soar to a billion a year by 2016.

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