The mobile network O2 has responded to claims by Vodafone that it is the best network by encouraging mobile phone users to do their own study.

Research commissioned by O2 and carried showed that its rival offered a faster web browsing experience across Britain.

Despite this, O2 has claimed that the report was a success for the operator, which was found to have faster music download speeds on average.

“We commissioned this survey to make sure no one is misled. O2 offers faster speeds in many cities and other operators in others,” O2’s chief technology officer Derek McManus said.

Guy Laurence, chief executive officer of Vodafone UK, had previously suggested that the independent study by O2 was a welcome endorsement of Vodafone being the best choice for mobile users in the UK.

The tests were carried out across the UK’s five mobile broadband networks over a 60-day period at 150 locations, in order to try and demonstrate what speeds were being achieved by customers.

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