Users of the O2 Joggler – a mobile device that combines web and wireless technology to help families organise their lives – have been invited to take part in a new 3D cinema experience.

In collaboration with Pearl and Dean and Vue Cinemas, the network behind the device has put together a feature that asks audiences to participate by waving their hands.

Showing prior to one of this week’s big movie releases – Ice Age 3D – O2’s Asteroid Storm encourages patrons to get involved and help the onscreen spaceship pilot its way out of imminent danger.

The 3D show is being used to promote the Joggler, which was launched earlier this year and could be purchased by those who have recently secured a little extra cash through recycling mobile phones.

Richard Murfitt, O2’s head of campaigns, said: "A family trip to the cinema can often be seen as an adventure in itself. We wanted to take this idea one step further."

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