Now is the perfect time for Brits to buy a new mobile phone, as EE has announced that its high-speed 4G network will go live on October 30th.

This means that already-popular Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets will become even more attractive to internet lovers.

Those looking to upgrade their old mobile phone should look for devices with Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

Aspirant owners can choose a contract through either Orange or T-Mobile. All plans come with unlimited SMS messages and call minutes, so textaholics and chatterboxes never need to worry about extra charges.

Users can then decide how much data they would like to be included, from 500 MB (£36) to 8 GB (£56).

Larger touchscreens on high-tech smartphones make browsing the internet easy, and HD resolution means images and videos look fantastic.

Those who already own a 4G-ready device could purchase a SIM only contract from EE.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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