The latest word on Nokia suggests the company is stepping ever closer to closing a deal with Microsoft. However, it appears the Finnish firm could be about to release another mobile phone before the buyout is complete.

Rumours about Nokia releasing an Android-toting handset have been around for a while but brand new reports have emerged, hinting that the device could be just around the corner.

According to The Verge, the Android handset is currently known under the codename Normandy, but this is just one of many the unknown device has. We've already heard of this pseudonym as it appeared in November from serial tipster @evleaks, as well as a photo of the handset.

Nokia's Android phone is thought to carry a variant of Google's operating system, which will allow the system to run popular apps like Skype, according to the source. However, because it will be a derivative of the Android system, Nokia will be able to customise it to suit its own needs.

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