The upcoming Nokia X6 and X3 have been discussed for their reflection of the manufacturer’s commitment to music – and both of these models may be good options for those planning to recycle a mobile phone and use the cash to upgrade.

Nokia Conversations described them as "big hits" at a recent industry event and said the fact the X3 will be a Comes With Music handset makes it an even more welcome addition to the range.

Article author JBC met with Jo Harlow, who is involved with the launch of both phones. She demonstrated how powerful the X3 speakers were and said this facility was "key" to the success in some countries where "the music phone becomes the centre piece for parties,"

JBC also highlighted the resurgence of albums, which have been slowly overshadowed in recent years given the ability for any single track to be purchased online. It was suggested that downloading albums on Comes with Music is "much easier" than other services.

Meanwhile, Nokia Conversations recently asked readers what they believed to be the most important handset feature.

Battery life came out on top, with over a fifth of respondents voting for this component.

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