Nokia touchscreen smartphones could provide consumers with an upgrade option once they have recycled their old mobile phone for cash.

The handset manufacturer has revealed that it has increased the number of smartphones available to the market by approximately double in the last quarter alone.

An increased smartphone market share has also been reported, with Nokia now possessing 40 per cent in comparison to its previous 35 per cent share.

The Nokia Conversations blog reported the findings and allowed readers to share their own thoughts about touchscreen technology mobiles.

User Breno Peck said: “They’re simply more practical and intuitive. Why use a D-pad to scroll through a website or a menu when you can simply tap your finger on it?”

Another user Doug suggested that the technology gives the user the ability to interact with what they are doing in a way that a keyboard cannot.

Among the devices that proved most popular for the company this year, in term of its touchscreen smartphone output, were the N97 mini, 5530 and 5800 models.

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