It seems an increasing number of people have been looking to sell their mobile in the fourth quarter of 2011 in order to purchase the Nokia Lumia 800.

Research firm Morgan Stanley suggests that the firm has managed to shake off rumours of struggling sales and possible buy-outs by delivering promising sales on the Lumia 800 for the last three months of the year, Tech Radar reports.

Other analysts had predicted that Nokia would only be able to sell half a million units of the device before the end of 2011 and this is seen as a significant victory.

Morgan Stanley also predicts that Nokia will sell 37 million Windows Phone handsets throughout 2012, which could come at the cost of their Symbian OS that sold over 70 million phones in 2011.

Last week it was suggested that Microsoft was set to spend up to $100 million (£63.9 million) on a new advertising campaign for its latest smartphone, the Nokia Ace.

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