Users of Nokia‘s latest phones may be interested to hear the views of one expert regarding its recently-launched Ovi Store.

In a piece for the CCS Insight blog, Ben Wood says "as a self-confessed phone addict", he was keen to see what the Finnish manufacturer would bring to the table with its online applications portal.

However, he says the Nokia N97 creators let down a lot of people with initial teething problems – something he suggests is partly to do with it underestimating the number of handsets it would have to support.

Despite this, Mr Wood goes on to say these initial faults now appear to have been sorted and the phone maker seems to have got things back on track.

"A month after launch, Nokia claims to have 3,500 items available for most of its phones. This is well below its initial target of 20,000, but the catalogue is still growing," he explains.

The comments may inspire some to recycle mobile phones in favour of a new device supported by the Ovi Stiore – such as the recently-launched Nokia N97 or N86.

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