Fans of the Nokia N900 may be more likely to sell mobilephones to buy one if the manufacturer acts on the results of a new poll.

In a recent survey conducted by one online resource, people were asked what feature they would be most interested in seeing incorporated into the upcoming Finnish smartphone.

Nokia Conversations revealed that after receiving over 5,000 responses, it was noted that the ability to run the handset with the screen in portrait mode was the top choice with 12 per cent of the vote.

Next up was MMS facilities with ten per cent, with one reader commenting: "Few of my friends have e-mail on their phones, therefore to communicate in real-time with photos, MMS is a necessity."

Wi-Fi music streaming (nine per cent), gaming and multimedia remote options and the Symbian application access (all eight per cent) also featured in the results.

Currently the Nokia smartphone range includes the N97 and N86, which could also be traded in to purchase the upcoming N900.

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