The latest internet tablet-mobile phone hybrid from Nokia has received a favourable review from one specialist technology website.

Those looking to recycle used mobilephones have learned that the Nokia N900 warrants a solid seven out of ten from Trusted Reviews.

Writing for the site, reviewer Niall Magennis said that although it is not the most attractive phone that Nokia has produced, it possesses a good resistive display that is sensitive and registers input efficiently.

He added: "Furthermore, the 3.5-inch display looks fantastic as it’s very bright, produces lifelike colours and has a relatively high resolution of 800 x 480, making text and graphics look pin-sharp."

According to Nokia, the N900 will allow those looking to trade in their old mobile phone in the US to personalise their own panorama desktop on the touchscreen.

The group added that all the phones come complete with a high speed wireless broadband connection.

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