In news that may sway those looking to sell mobilephones with a new model in mind, an article has looked at the way the Nokia N900 grows on the user.

The piece looks at how the Finnish manufacturer’s latest smartphone has been noted for the way in which users can more rapidly access the devices features as they spend more time with it.

Nokia Conversations, a portal which follows closely the developments of each of the firm’s handsets, said many people experience joy when getting to grips with a new device – but added the N900 stretches this fun out for longer.

“In the realm of mobile phones it [makes sense] to become familiar with these secret fast navigation methods,” it noted. “The N900 has a heap of handy time-saving shortcuts.”

Nokia also announced this week that it had made its upcoming N97 mini device available for pre order, news that may also interest those looking to sell mobiles they have outgrown.

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