Mobile phone consumers wondering whether to splash out on the Nokia N8, due for release in the coming weeks, have been assured it is the Finnish brand's best smartphone of all time.

Flora Graham, reviewing the device for CNET UK, says a "slick case and great camera" are just two of the benefits set to be enjoyed by those who invest in it.

Although she admits there are slight frustrations with the Symbian operating system, nothing should be taken away from a top new mobile phone.

"The N8 is the slimmest, best-looking and most usable Nokia touchscreen phone yet," she concludes, adding: "The N8's camera is a rare treat, and the hardware never lets you down, with great connectivity and an HDMI port."

Earlier this week, Nokia confirmed it had started to ship the N8, with those who have pre-ordered set to be at the front of the queue when it comes to getting hold of one.

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