Nokia’s vast collection of apps that are available to all users of its smartphones is perhaps one of the greatest reasons to sign up to a deal with the Finnish firm.

Phil, writing the Nokia Conversations blog, explains some of these advantages and the impact they can have on the experience enjoyed by owners of the N8, C7 and other models.

He cites versatility as a key attribute of the Symbian operating system, on which all Nokia devices work.

This allows apps to operate on everything from low-end, basic devices up to the flagship models that are currently flying off the shelves.

Another plus point to investing in a Nokia handset, perhaps after selling an existing mobile, is access to Ovi Store, where 2.7 million features are downloaded each day.

Jo Harlow, senior vice-president of smartphones at Nokia, recently said the brand is remaining committed to Symbian as it is the best platform to serve the global needs of its customers.

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