The Nokia E72 offers a "refined" version of the Nokia E71 handset, it has been suggested.

Consumers may want to recycle their used mobile phone in order to upgrade to a new handset but could want to consider retaining the familiarity that their current Nokia has.

One option that those considering mobile phone recycling may want to consider is obtaining a handset that runs more smoothly and makes use of more up to date technology but maintains the feel of their old phone.

Nokia blogger Mike previously owned a Nokia E71 and chose to make the upgrade to the E72, he said: "The improved camera and other small refinements and nuances that now exist in the E72 make it an even more satisfying handset."

He added that in some cases "familiarity breeds contempt" but that on this occasion that was not the case.

Website Best-Mobile-Contracts said they were "blown away" by the handset.

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Posted by Dan Latham

Written by Mazuma

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