The usability of the Nokia E6 is one of the factors that makes the mobile phone just right for so many consumers.

Answering questions on the device for Nokia Conversations, product manager Chris Probert cited the device’s functionality as a key attribute.

He suggested the removal of the optical sensor, which was found on the Nokia E72, is a good move, particularly for owners.

“The touch screen allows faster and finer control than the E72 navi-key with optical sensor and we want people not to get confused between two different input methods,” Mr Probert stated.

He went on to reveal the model has “excellent pixel density” that serves to make text easier to read than on the majority of other models on the market, while the contrast ratio is better than on any other Nokia handset.

Nokia recently confirmed its intention to stock not only the E6 but the X7 too.

Posted by Peter Robinson 

Written by Mazuma

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